Sciatic nerve treatment

Have you been struggling with pain or a pins-and-needles sensation in your lower back? If so, you may have sciatica, a type of nerve pain that comes from the sciatic nerve. This condition can cause discomfort, but thankfully, it's very treatable. Located in Buffalo, WNY, Back In Motion Chiropractic WNY can ease your pain and relieve compressed nerves. 


What Causes Sciatica?

The sciatic nerve is the longest in your body, spanning from your lower back to your legs. If this nerve is compressed or irritated, it can cause pain and discomfort. Common causes of sciatica include:

  • Slipped discs: There are discs along your spinal column that help cushion your vertebrae. If one of these discs is pushed outward, it puts pressure on your sciatic nerve.
  • Degenerative disc disease: This health condition can cause your spinal discs to deteriorate. Without the support of these discs, your nerves are more likely to be compressed.
  • Osteoarthritis: This form of arthritis can cause your cartilage to break down. It can lead to the development of bone spurs on the spine, irritating your sciatic nerve. 
  • Pregnancy: Your center of gravity changes during pregnancy, which can change the position of your spine. This can cause many types of pain, including sciatic nerve pain. 
  • Injuries: It's common for people to experience nerve pain after an injury. Car accident injuries fall, and sports injuries are all potential causes of sciatica. 

If you have sciatic nerve pain, your pain will likely continue until the pressure on your nerve is released. That's why you should seek treatment from a chiropractor as soon as possible. Our chiropractor can ease your pain and help prevent sciatica in the future.

Sciatic Nerve Treatment from a Chiropractor

Since spinal misalignments are a frequent source of sciatic nerve pain, chiropractic care is a highly effective treatment. Your chiropractor will use an array of techniques to alleviate your symptoms and relieve the pressure being placed on your nerve. Our chiropractor will likely perform spinal adjustments to help misaligned discs return to their natural position.

In addition to chiropractic adjustments, your chiropractor may introduce other interventions into your treatment plans, like therapeutic exercises and stretches, and soft tissue therapy to relieve tension in your lower back muscles. Not only will your chiropractor be able to relieve your symptoms in the short term, but they can also improve your overall health. 

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Sciatic nerve pain can be very painful, which is why you should get lasting relief for your symptoms. At Back In Motion Chiropractic WNY, we can treat pain caused by sciatica. If you've been experiencing sciatica symptoms, contact us to schedule an appointment!

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